Lash Vegas` Dynamic Owner Kiran Mangat Fully Embodies the Idea of a Girl Boss

Kiran Mangat is the owner and creator of Lash Vegas. She opened the salon here in North Las Vegas, but with the turn of one key her aspirations soared.

Prior to moving to Las Vegas, Kiran owned multiple successful businesses in Canada and there was no question that she wanted to do the same thing here in the states. She has many titles under her belt including a senior esthetician and makeup artist, master lash stylist, and a microblading technician/instructor. With the goal of franchising across America and the desire to teach others her craft, she works hard at providing group and individualized training to aspiring artists, as well as tending to her own clients on a daily basis. Her hustle is real.

“I truly believe that lash and brow artistry is a great avenue for people in the cosmetology industry to create a way for themselves to become a business owner. I employ my staff members with the hopes that they can learn and grow within my organization. If they have aspirations to open their own business I do everything in my power to help them reach that level.” – Kiran Mangat

At the end of the day, Kiran wants the best for her clients and her staff. She is striving to grow, expand, and provide the best speciality lash and brow services she can. We hope you come along for the exciting future ahead and watch this girl boss work!

Stay tuned for future blog post highlights on our lash technicians, staff members, and other fun content to come.

Keep Calm & Lash On!