Frequently Asked Questions

Possible Reasons:

  • Your natural lashes were not cleaned properly prior to application and have oil, lotion, and/or makeup residue compromising the bond.
  • You cleaned your lashes with products containing oil. Make sure to wash your lashes with oil free makeup remover before your appointment.
  • Naturally oily skin may experience premature sheds due to oil, compromising the bond.
  • Not following proper after-care instructions.

We carry a special mascara approved for extensions. You can use regular mascara on lower lashes.

Makeup can be applied immediately after lash application. However, it must not contain oils and can only be removed after 24 hours of your lash application, as your lashes cannot get wet.

You may tear up from the fumes from the adhesive that has not fully dried, as well as from the lights and having your lash area worked on for an extended period of time.

No. If applied correctly, lash extensions will not ruin your natural lashes. Your lashes shed and new lashes grow to replace the ones that have fallen.

Yes, and during your initial consult, we will go over the most appropriate set to help accomplish fullness to fill in the gaps. Russian Volume may be the best option.

  • We offer a free touchup for up to five days after your lash application. There may have been an issue with the bond.
  • It is normal to lose lashes between fills.
  • You may need your extensions removed. You may require the sensitive glue for the application of your lashes. Alternatively, you may not be the right candidate for eyelash extensions. If swelling persists, take Benadryl. If the swelling still continues, go see a doctor.
  • Blepharitis, which is the inflammation of the eyelid. This can occur when tiny oil glands near the base of the eyelashes become clogged, causing irritation and redness.
  • After 24-48 hours of an application, your lashes need to be washed daily.
  • Washing them helps to avoid natural oils and buildup, which will make them last longer.
  • We would recommend you come in for a consult as this is a case-by-case scenario. (i.e. Are you wearing clusters? Are you having issues?)
  • We prefer to work on a fresh canvas, this way we can guarantee our work.